Today Father Enrique preached at the 10:00 AM Mass as the parish celebrated First Communions

His thoughts were based upon the readings for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year C

Father Nathan preached a very thought provoking homily on the Shepherd, how we respond to him, and we may be saved through the sacrifice of the Lamb of God for us.   Based upon the Sunday readings for 4th Sunday Easter Year C  

Father Nathan explain Freedom and its power in this fifteen minute segment on the Catechism.  

Note, there was a technical difficulty last week, and for the next two weeks there will not be a session. 
They will resume May 8. 

The Journey program is religious education for those with special needs in Washington County.  Several times a year, the Sunday mass is adapted to the Journey format.   Father Nathan's homily at this mass is brief, and involves some very lively interaction with members of the Journey program. 

It is based upon the readings for the day.  

Father Nathan preaches on the readings for the third Sunday of Easter

Father Nathan explains some of the very complex thoughts that going into prayerfully choosing who to vote for in an election based upon the policies of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.   He is not endorsing a particular candidate, but providing tools for you to be able to do so wisely. 

Father Nathan preaches at the 11:30 AM Mass on Easter Sunday.

Father Pat preaches on Easter Sunday based upon the lectionary readings

Father Nathan was the Celebrant at the Easter Vigil Celebration. His preaching was based upon the readings for the Day.

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