Father John Schreiter is our guest priest this Sunday.  He shares with us about God writing straight with crooked lines. 

Father Kevin brings to light the simple way to conversion by spreading the mercy and love of God around the world. 

Father Nathan reflects on what it takes to be "All In" for God. 


Father Kevin reminds us about the importance of having reverence toward sacred things and how this translates into reverence for ourselves and others. 

Father Nathan reminds us what it means to suffer with and for The Lord. 

Father Kevin talks about Heaven and reminds us what it is that we seek from God.

Father Kevin talks about death and what we, as Catholics, need to do to "Be Not Afraid". 

Father Nathan helps answer the question "What really matters to God?".  

Father Nathan offers a different perspective on the Martha and Mary Gospel story. He explains that for all the good that Martha is, Mary must be at our core, as individuals, and as a society.  

Father Nathan reminds us that we are each sent on mission to grow and expand The Church throughout lives. 

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